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Snow White Mahjong Game

Snow White Mahjong is a classic 3D mahjong game with a story of a princess, Snow white. Unfold the story of the princess by completing the levels in the game. It is a sort of mission game where you need to save the life of princess by advancing in the game. Your task is to remove all cubes from the bulk by clicking two same cubes in as less time as possible. When you are able to clear all the cubes then you will advance to the next level. This game offers fifteen levels that increase in complexity as you go and after completing each level, princess advances a step closer towards her castle.

Functioning of the game is very similar to Mahjong Dimensions, in which you have to rotate the cubes to clear the mess. You can either use your mouse or arrow keys in keyboard to rotate the cubes. Within the game you will notice three types of cubes, each with different imprints on it. These are for double score bonus, extra time bonus and to randomly remove one pair from the game. Just stay focused and keep looking for them in the game. Time factor in this game makes it very challenging and one can always feel the heat while completing the quest. So mainly keep that special cube in your mind.

You can easily find the matching cubes in the game but somehow if you are unable to find the correct combination, then you can reshuffle the cubes. Only try this option in extreme conditions as every time you use it, it will cost you a loss of five hundred points. . The girly theme of the game is very mesmerizing, which includes animated punctuation and the design of 3D cubes. So you better gear up for this mahjong game to navigate Snow White Princess to her castle.

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