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Mahjong Dimensions More Time Game

Mahjong has been the most all time popular game. The addictive pleasure of finding and matching mahjong tiles is indescribable. Now it is time to take this classic game to a new level. Mahjong Dimensions is the advance version of a simple tile matching game which is upgraded into a puzzle of a 3D spinning block.

In this game you have to score points by spinning the cube and matching any tile having two free adjacent sides. In case if you need to see additional tiles, use arrow keys in the keyboard or use your mouse to do so. You need to complete the level within the allotted time. But it is better to finish the round as soon as possible because faster you finish the level, the higher your multipliers, bonuses and your final score. In case if you are struck in the game, rotate the cube and proceed through the game. If the tile is partially blocked, then you can get its preview by placing the mouse over it.

The game is all about inventiveness, speed and memory power. These three qualities are put into test for a limited time frame which makes this game so appealing. It becomes more entertaining and addictive when you play this game with your peer group. Keep looking for special cubes as they can provide you time bonus, spring bonus or mirror multipliers. You can be among the top ones in leader board if you deal with these special cubes. You can use reshuffle button if you are struck in the game.

Do not waste too much of time in thinking about the moves, as when the time runs out, the game will be over. This game has made such a fine remark in mahjong world that we cannot imagine mahjong game without it. So enter into 3D floor and be ready to get amazed with the beautiful dimensions of Mahjong.

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