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Mahjong Dark Dimensions Game

Mahjong Dimensions returns with new puzzles and more features. Its sequel, Mahjong Dark Dimensions offers even more fun and challenging environment than the original 3D dimension game. The objective is same as in the previous versions of this game. You have to clear the layout by making pairs with similar cubes that are free from both adjacent sides. If the sides of cubes are not free then you cannot select them or remove them from the layout. If you are unable to find any playable move, you can rotate the cube with the help of arrows. This will allow you to find more options to advance in the game. Match the cubes with quick moves to attain bonus points.

There are three types of bonuses that you can get to improve your score points i.e. Speed match combo, Multi match combo and time bonus tiles. If you mange to make a match within three seconds of another match then your points multiplier will be activated. You will get bonus points for matching several cubes of same image type in a row.

Time is the crucial factor which decides the whole fate of the game. One second delay in clearing the tiles can put you in the losing side. So better keep an eye on timer to stay in the race. It would be handy if you match the time bonus tiles. When you do so, the amount listed on the tile will be added to your time. The faster you match these tiles, the more time you will get. These tiles are the most desirable items if you want to go far in this game. Keep your brain in shape and enhance your analytical skills by identifying similar cubes in the game. This game provides a good way of exercising your brain in a pleasurable way. Good luck and have fun!

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