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Animals Connect Game

There are numerous fascinating themes available in mahjong world of games. Animal connect is one of those fancy mahjong games which comprises of an interesting theme of animals. In first look, you will see cute animal tiles forming a square layout with the background of scenic natural beauty. Your objective is to help the animals to find their path by connecting the same pairs. The rules may seem simple to you, but the game is more challenging than you can expect. Tiles with same animal imprints can be connected together unless they are blocked by one of the two sides. Moreover, while connecting the tiles, make sure that the path should not have more than two right angles. You will be unable to select the same tiles if it takes more than two right angles to connect them. There is an option to mute the game on the top right side of the screen.

It is a total fun game with a mission to rescue innocent animals before the time runs out. The game is the test of your nerves and it will enhance your focusing power. Time is the key factor in this game; if you fail to clear all tiles from the layout within time then the game will end. In case if you are unable to match the pairs and the time is running out, you can use the three hints. If you still find it difficult, then you can try shuffling the layout and can be used only three times in a game. If you want to score high and be on the top of leader board then it is recommended that never try shuffling option. Every time you shuffle tiles, it will straightaway deduct 250 points. It should be only be used when you have left with no choice. The game is an absolute package of entertainment. Have fun!

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