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3D Mahjong Game

There is a vast range of levels, game plays and graphic themes in mahjong games. You will be amazed to see such combinations and patterns that you cannot imagine in the real world. 3D mahjong adds more stars in this game series as it allows you to feel the game and makes it almost real.

Your task is to rotate the 3d cube and find pairs of matching tiles in order to remove all tiles from it. You can only match those tiles which are on the outer edges of the cube. You may think it to be a simple job to clear the similar tiles just by clicking on it. But keeping time constraint in mind, give it another thought. You need to clear all the tiles within the allotted time, and if you fail to do so, then you will lose the game. The patterns of tiles are even so similar that you need to stay focused and also need a bit of luck to complete the levels.

In case if you are struck in the game and are unable to find any valid move, then you can try reshuffling the cube. It will give you enough possible options to advance through the game. There is no deduction of points by reshuffling so feel free to utilize this option to the most. Try to match tiles as soon as possible as it will give you extra bonus points. The mechanics of this game is very direct and simple. Use your mouse or arrow keys to rotate the cube and left click on similar tiles to detach them from the cube. There is an icon on the top right side of the screen by which you can mute the game. This game improves one’s observing power and helps him to stay focused. Spare some time to experience the 3D world with this game and have fun.

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