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Mahjong Tower Games

Under Mahjong tower game series; we have two classical Chinese puzzle games in which one has to match the similar pairs of tiles. These are among the trickiest games of Mahjong solitaire. As the title suggests, game consists of a stack of tiles forming huge towers. You need to remove all the tiles and demolish those giant towers. Only those tiles can be removed which are not covered by any other tiles and have a free side. The theme of these games is very pleasing as it always appeals you to stay in the game.

These are basically time oriented games in which you need to complete a task within the allotted time. If you are unable to finish your job within the time, then the game ends. Time is always kept on the highest priority than any other aspect of the game. Always think two or three moves ahead of the game so that you can compensate later if anything wrong happens. You need to be quick and have swift reflexes which will help you to stay in the game. You will get a bonus time for matching a similar pair of tiles. So always look for quick findings to attain maximum score points in the game.

Rules of both the games are same with little bit alterations. In Mahjong flower tower, you will be offered 5 hints and no penalty of points will be deducted on using them. In China Tower Mahjong, you can take endless number of hints but it will cost you 50 score points, every time you use them. In Mahjong Flower Tower, there are no restrictions on shuffling and you can use it any number of times but in China Tower Mahjong, each shuffle will deduct straight 300 points. Other than these little variations else all are same. Get some time to explore these towers and let yourself lost in Mahjong puzzles.

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