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We are proud to introduce a wide range of Mahjong games to our users. Mahjong games have won the hearts of millions of users. We welcome you to enjoy our games to derive the real meaning of fun, entertainment and excitement. We are dedicated to serve you with the most amazing games so that you can have a really fun time in your free hours.

Mahjong is an ancient game originated mainly in china. It is a played in a group of four traditionally but there are some variations which demand three players to play the game. It is a tile matching game focusing on aspects like skills, strategy and calculation as evident in the game of rummy. Similarly, the solitaire version of the game has some of the common elements with traditional mahjong, other than using the same tiles. These games involve excitement and loads of mind work offering you the required amount mind exercise. We have made special efforts to collect varied versions of Mahjong games for our gaming enthusiasts.

As the technology has advanced, online games have become better in terms of all related aspects. Our games are equipped with high definition graphics and quality sound which make our games more attractive and engrossing to the players. We promise you a great time at our online gaming destinations holding an extensive assortment of Mahjong games online. Each of the versions of has their own rules and procedures which must be understood to enjoy the games to their fullest. We are sure that you will love each and every game with us. So be ready for the unlimited fun.

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